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Contributing Members’ Privileges

Our Contributing Members are helping @LabAix develop new products and services, and cover our operating expenses. We express our deep gratitude for their generous support, and offer them the following benefits and privileges.

Unlimited number of projects per app

The number of projects a “normal user” can own is limited to 5 projects per app (e.g. 5 Ideen notebooks, or 5 Datei references). This limit is lifted for our Contributing Members.

Unlimited number of items per project

The limit of 10 items per project is lifted for our Contributing Members. Items refer here to notebooks (Ideen), contacts (Leute), references (Datei), etc.

Other special benefits and privileges

Contributing Members can share their projects with their collaborators – those who have @LabAix accounts – and make them publicly accessible to all @LabAix visitors in read-only mode.

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