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Items such as notes, documents, contacts, etc. can be searched for specific keywords. They can also be filtered by time range.

The Search Button (cf. figure below) is often part of our apps’ User Interfaces (UIs). This button gives access to a search area consisting of a Search Bar and a Time Range Selector.

Typing texts (search queries) in the Search Bar will instantaneously update the search results, displayed as a table.

When the total number of items (notes for e.g.) is greater than 5, a < > button is automatically shown. The Time Range Selector is displayed by clicking on this button.

The Time Range Selector (a slider) can be used to display the most recent entries, the oldest ones, but also some items in between. The slider can be hidden by pressing the x button.


Text Formatting Tips

Text areas are frequently used within our apps to collect various inputs. In many cases, it is possible to beautify their contents by following the simple convention (use of the +, and = signs) described below.


Contributing Members’ Privileges

Our Contributing Members are helping @LabAix develop new products and services, and cover our operating expenses. We express our deep gratitude for their generous support, and offer them the following benefits and privileges.

Unlimited number of projects per app

The number of projects a “normal user” can own is limited to 5 projects per app. This means that, unless you upgrade to a Contributing Member, you cannot create more than 5 Ideen notebooks, or 5 Collector datasets. This limit is lifted for our Contributing Members.

Unlimited number of items per project

The limit of 10 items per project is lifted for our Contributing Members. Items refer here to documents (Datei), contacts (Leute), a project tasks (plan@u), etc.

Up to 100 uncertain values + an unlimited number of Monte-Carlo simulations

Users of uncertainties-handling apps (plan@u, npv@u, irr@u and luc@u) can mark up to 3 inputs as uncertain, and run up to 10 Monte-Carlo simulations per day. All these limits are lifted for our Contributing Members.